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“out-of-the-box” non-profit package for WordPress

Posted on 25th September 2009 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |September 25th, 2009

As a frequent reader at, we see the needs of nonprofits varying in financial strength. The common theme that we read about is the desperate need for cost effective “out of the box” modules for open source CMSs such as WordPress or Joomla.

NonprofitCMS’s mission has always been to provide low cost (yet powerful) options to growing nonprofit organizations. We realize the need for ready-made packages that can be easily installed and configured. The modules we have created install in 1 click. Our Fundraising module can let your organization start accepting online donations in under 2 minutes.

One of the large requests that we get from clients is the need for a cost effective CRM that integrates with WordPress. Unfortunately this is where WordPress’ limitations come in, as no good CRM exists. There is, however, CiviCRM. We at NonprofitCMS would like to tackle this challenge and integrate CiviCRM with WordPress. If you are a WordPress developer who would like to help contribute to this project, please let us know!


  1. I’m the Communications Coordinator for a non-profit that uses both WordPress and CiviCRM.

    One of the reasons we’ve stuck with WordPress as our CRM rather than switching over to Drupal is that our volunteers (who often have few technical skills)find the interface vastly more intuitive and easy to use. Coming from a design rather than a coding background,I also find the WordPress theming system considerably more flexible than Drupal.

    I suspect that my experience is shared by many small, volunteer-led NGOs.

    As the same time, for organisations such as mine, CiviCRM simply can’t be beaten. We use it for online donations, mailshots, event registration and a whole range of other tools.

    In terms of integration, the top priority for us would be automatic user syncing. We have a growing number of registered users on our Buddypress section of our website ( and being able to access their Buddypress profile information in CiviCRM (for mailshots, event registration and donations) would be a dream come true.

  2. We are a USDA-organic certifying organization…we are also a non-profit. We are currently working on transitioning our organization over to WordPress (the website above is the one being transitioned).

    Although we are a non-profit, we’ve never really positioned ourself as one, meaning we don’t actively ask for donations, recruit volunteers…but we’re hoping to change that.

    I’d looked at NewOrg’s solution which is stellar, but pricey for us…and liked CiviCRM, but was intimidated by Drupal/Joomla. We’ve had great success with getting our new website up and running in WP, however when the time comes to REALLY into asking (and tracking) for donations, event registrations, etc. I’d love to use CiviCRM.

    I see an initiative has started up to do so…hopefully by the time we’ll be ready for it…it will be too 🙂